Charlie’s new book

One of the perks of being a grad student is meeting awesome, smart and talented people. Thus, I feel it is important to share each other’s accomplishments and make more people know about the work we are doing.

Book cover downloaded from Cambridge's website
Book cover downloaded from Cambridge’s website


This week I am sharing a new read, and for those interested in the same topics that I am interested in (e.g. climate change, environment, international cooperation for sustainable development, governance) I think this is a “must read” piece.

“Trasnational Climate Change Governance” written by my friend Charlie and 9 more authors is a book that provides the first comprehensive account of the world transnational climate change governance. As some of you know, climate change has been dealing with regulations, laws and negotiations at national and international levels. However, the politics of climate change have shifted to transnational levels. This is what they wrote about. I haven’t read it yet because it came out last month, but I am super excited to read it. So, get your own copy and share your thoughts!